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 Laser Hair Removal FAQs

What should I expect during consultation?

During your consultation, we will evaluate your complete medical history to determine if you are a good candidate for Laser Hair Removal. We explain the different reasons for excessive hair growth, and we will try to determine if your particular situation is genetic in nature or the result of a medical condition. Depending on this evaluation, we will put together a treatment plan that will best meet your needs and give you the quickest and best results possible.

You will also be given a skin test to determine the best equipment settings for your skin and hair type. You will also be given an assessment of the number of treatments necessary along with the duration and frequency of your subsequent visits. You will leave our clinic with comprehensive written instructions on what to expect after each treatment and how to take care of your skin before and after each treatment.

Who can benefit from laser hair removal?

Just about anyone. The only individuals who would not greatly benefit from laser hair removal are those with light blonde, gray or white hair.

What are the advantages of laser hair removal?

Unwanted hair is removed quickly, with very little discomfort. More importantly, it offers the most convenient and time effective method for long-term permanent hair reduction.

What areas of the body can be effectively treated by laser hair removal?

Just about all areas of the body can be treated with laser hair removal. The lip, chin, sideburns, ears, neck, shoulders, back, underarms, arms, fingers, hands, bust, chest, stomach, buttocks, bikini, thighs, pubic area, and toes can be successfully treated.

How long will a treatment take?

Laser Hair Removal Procedures may last anywhere from a few minutes (for a lip area) to an hour (for most leg treatments).

What should I expect to feel during my laser hair removal treatment?

You might feel a slight tingling sensation during your treatment. This is caused by the absorption of laser energy by pigments in the root of the hair.

What will I experience after treatment?

Most people experience little or no side effects and are able to resume regular activity immediately (making a lunch-hour laser hair removal procedure possible). The most common side effect is local reddening and/or slight swelling of the skin in the treated area for about 30 minutes after treatment.

What type of laser hair-removal equipment is used at Alina Stephanie?

The LightSheer Diode Laser offers an advanced treatment for effective removal of unwanted hair. The special contact cooling hand-piece unique to the LightSheer laser minimizes any reaction by cooling the upper layer of the skin before, during and after each pulse, while directing the laser energy to the hair root, allowing safe, comfortable and effective treatments. For further questions, please call 281-682-3592. We are happy to answer any questions you may have or schedule your complimentary consultation for a more thorough evaluation with our experienced laser technician.

To schedule an appointment with a trained specialists, please call 281-682-3592.