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 Laser Hair Removal Procedure

At Alina Stephanie Day Spa, we’ve personally excelled at this FDA-approved Laser Hair Removal treatment for more than 25 years. Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. Our experts have the techniques that will leave you with silky smooth feeling skin. With our laser technology, we will remove any unwanted and embarrassing hair. Our goal is to eliminate time-consuming unwanted hair as we allow you to spend time with the more important things in life. Thanks to laser hair removal, an exciting and more permanent solution for hair removal for most people is finally here. Unlike other temporary hair removal treatments, laser technology for hair removal is able to quickly target and effectively treat large areas of the body. This method has become the most cost-effective, reliable and easy method of hair removal.

Is Laser Hair Removal for Me?

The laser hair-removal procedure can be performed on any part of the body, but the ideal candidate will have a hair color that is darker than the surrounding skin color since the process is not generally effective for those with light blond, white or red hair.

At Alina Stephanie Day Spa, we offer Houston laser-hair removal services for both women and men. Our clinic’s use of the LightSheer Diode Laser provides our clients with the gold standard technology for effective removal of unwanted hair. The equipment’s unique chill tip essentially cools the upper layer of skin at the treatment site before, during and immediately following the laser hair removal procedure. This allows for a fast, easy and effective treatment with minimal discomfort and a lifetime of soft, touchable skin.

In addition, for body areas that are inherently more sensitive (such as the pubic, upper lip or neck areas), an over-the-counter topical anesthesia may be used for effective desensitization of the treatment area. Laser hair removal is effective on most areas of the body. If you are a male and looking to remove hair from unwanted areas such as back, chest, arms, legs, ears, etc. Alina Stephanie Day Spa has specialists that can help.

Thanks to the latest advancements in laser technology, we can readily assist you and help provide you a solution that has long lasting results. Unlike electrolysis, the only other method to remove unwanted hair effectively, our laser hair removal procedure treats many follicles at one time. This allows for faster, effective treatment of large body areas.

What to expect during your Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

The reputation we have earned for being the best in our field stems from the high standards and knowledge that we employ while helping the client achieve the best results possible. We provide the highest quality and proven effective treatments available to address our client’s specific needs. This, in addition to the one-on-one care we give to each client and the private, relaxing atmosphere of our clinic, is a testimony to our success.

Contact us at 281-682-3592. We are happy to answer any further questions you may have or schedule your complimentary consultation for a more thorough evaluation with our experienced laser technician.

To schedule an appointment with a trained specialists, please call 281-682-3592..